Oppdatering (#11) fra Sea Dragon

the-future.net). This campaign is spreading awareness on climate change and telling our politicians “we are keeping an eye on you,” by watching the political process and policies being created (or lack thereof). To represent The Future campaign, we encircled one eye with black or red makeup (eco-friendly) and took photos to share. We feel our mission of exposing toxins in our environment is connected to The Future’s mission as well. The consumption of fossil fuels, including coal, oil and natural gas fracturing contribute both to climate change while also producing toxins in our environment. Emissions include mercury from coal and endocrine disrupting chemicals from fracking, as well as plastics and petrochemicals from oil used in personal care and cleaning products. We are also reflecting on the fact that December 2 is the 30th Anniversary of th e terrible events in Bhopal, India that killed many and exposed thousands to toxins, events which are still enfolding and continuing to impact lives today. Our talk last evening came from our amazing filmmaker Jen. Jen spoke from her heart to tell us her story of how she became a filmmaker as well as how she found eXXpedition. Her overall message, finding the good even in the midst of hardship and sad events, resonated with many of us and brought tears to our eyes. The story of cancer hits home for Jen and she honors family and friends both currently undergoing treatment and those passed on through this journey and many of her other amazing expeditions. We all admire Jen’s strength, resilience, and as always, her amazing sense of humor. We can tell we are getting closer to land as some of the birds have changed and the dolphin sightings are increasing… we are cherishing our final days together on Sea Dragon and hatching some amazing plans for the future… so stay tuned!]]>

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